[News] Park Shin-hye Flies to Taiwan for Taiwanese “You’re Beautiful”.

[News] Park Shin-hye Flies to Taiwan for Taiwanese “You’re Beautiful”.
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Korean actress Park Shin-hye flew to Taiwan this morning for the shooting of "You're Beautiful," but this time she will not be Go Mi-nam.

The heroine is making her cameo appearance on the first episode of the Taiwanese version of SBS hit series “You’re Beautiful,” an official from her agency 4HIM Entertainment told the magazine Thursday.

The official said Park will play a young girl who watches A.N. Jell's video during a mass and gets warned by novice Go Mi-nam, whom she played in the 2009 original.

In the original, she gets involved in a complicated relationship with other members, portrayed by Jang Keun-suk, Jung Yong-hwa and Lee Hong-gi.

The 23-year-old starlet is to pair up with “Bread, Love and Dreams” star Yoon Si-yoon in tvN’s upcoming romantic comedy drama, “Flower Boys Next Door” [tentative title], which will kick off its air next January 7.

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