[VOD / Photo & News] “Touch,” Korean Humandrama Pic Pre-sold to 6 Asian Countries

[VOD / Photo & News] “Touch,” Korean Humandrama Pic Pre-sold to 6 Asian Countries.
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Human drama film “Touch,” world-premiered during this year’s Busan Film Festival [BIFF], has been sold to six Asian countries without any star cast and million-dollar marketing.

“Touch” has inked its overseas distribution deals with six Asian countries including Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippine and Vietnam at Asian Film Market 2012, one of the BIFF’s accompanied event, the pic’s production firm Minbyeonghun Film told the magazine Tuesday.

The firm explained the surprising sales performance seems to be relied on the stories’ universality that stressed out the importance of family and the actors' outstanding portrayal of a married couple facing unexpected tragedy.

Helmed by auteur Min Byeong-hun of acclaimed pic “Pruning the Grapevine” (2006), the low-budget drama tells a painful family tale struggling to keep their lives go on throughout a series of misfortunes happening to them and their precious daughter.

The first installation of the director's “Life Triology,” depicted by stellar casts Yu Jun-sang and Kim Ji-young, will hit local theaters on November 8.

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