[Interview] Tiffany Hsu chooses love over marriage.

[Interview] Tiffany Hsu chooses love over marriage.
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Taiwan actress Tiffany Hsu said Sunday that she is in no hurry to marry, as marriage tends to make people "lazy" and lose sight of love.

"A romance can last a lifetime. But we often get lazy after marriage.

"No matter what, when someone is always there for you, people get too lazy to dress up, get too lazy to go out and share a meal, or even prepare small surprises or gifts for one another," said Hsu.

Speaking in Singapore at a media event for her new drama "Love Me Or Leave Me", which airs every Sunday, 10pm on StarHub channels 111 and 825, Hsu added that relationships require constant tending.

"Being lazy isn't a bad thing, but if not enough effort is put into maintain a relationship, then love disappears."

"So if I had to choose between love and marriage, I'd choose love," Hsu said, pointing out that getting married isn't necessary, "as long as both parties are happy".

Hsu, like her character Ji Qing in "Love Me Or Leave Me", has reservations about getting hitched, but that doesn't mean she'll be putting off marriage for good.

The actress, who is currently dating Taiwan star Ethan Ruan, said she would tie the knot "when the feeling is right".

Her ideal proposal would involve her boyfriend popping the question in a "unique" and "creative" way.

The one thing she doesn't want is for him to propose in public.

"I am afraid of having people beside me yelling 'Marry him! Marry him!' It's too much pressure!" said Hsu with a laugh.

"I think there should only be about five people at a proposal - my boyfriend, myself and three others.

"One will get the proposal on video, while the other two help him carry the flowers."

Better write that down Ethan.

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