[News] KBAU Takes Hold of Set for ′My Daughter Seo Young′ and Leads Filming to be Cancelled.

[News] KBAU Takes Hold of Set for ′My Daughter Seo Young′ and Leads Filming to be Cancelled. 
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The Korean Broadcast Actors Union (KBAU) has seized the filming site of the KBS2 drama My Daughter Seo Young, leading producers to cancel filming schedules.

An official working with My Daughter Seo Young told enews on December 18, "About 30 actors from the KBAU have taken over the drama′s set located in Seoul′s Songpa-gu Pungnap-dong since 8 a.m. The producers and directors were unable to reach an agreement with the KBAU, leading them to cancel shoots scheduled for today."

KBAU is currently on strike against KBS, demanding that the broadcasting company pay the 1.3 billion won owed to its actors.

Cheer Up, Mr. Kim also was previously affected by the strike soon after the strike started on November 12.

My Daughter Seo Young is one of the many programs included in the list of those KBAU refuses to shoot for. The list includes such dramas as The King′s Dream, Cheer Up, Mr. Kim and the variety show Gag Concert. KBAU previously annouced a number of times that it would seize the set of My Daughter Seo Young, but filming had commenced under KBS control.

Actors and producers have been taken aback at the sudden cancellation of shoots.

One actor appearing in My Daughter Seo Young said in a phone call with enews, "We know why KBAU was led to forcefully seize the set, but who will repay the harm brought to the actors who got together today for today′s schedule? Everyone took time out of their busy schedules to shoot; we′re all very perplexed."

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