[News] ‘School 2013’ Begins as Realistic as It Could Be.

[News] ‘School 2013’ Begins as Realistic as It Could Be.
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KBS’ School 2013 began on Monday night and it didn’t hesitate in diving straight into all the major issues that are occurring in schools all around Korea today. There was no gift wrapping in how the students, especially the school bully, acted oblivious to authority.

Whether it was student violence or even attitude problems towards the teachers, School 2013 brought these problems into light, ready for Jang Nara and Choi Daniel to address them a step at a time.

With fantastic acting, the main cast carried the first episode well enough for the drama to debut in second place, pushing SBS The King of Dramas aside.

Monday, December 3, 2012

1.MBC Horse Doctor 18.0 percent

2.KBS School 2013 8.0 percent

3.SBS The King of Dramas 7.4 percent

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