[News] Kim Min-joon takes time off from acting.

[News] Kim Min-joon takes time off from acting.
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Actor Kim Min-joon has announced his decision to quit acting for a while.
The actor from works like “To The Beautiful You” and “Wedding Scandal” said via Twitter on Dec. 20 that he’d been thinking about taking a break for a while now.

“It’s something that I’ve thought about for the last few years”, said Kim who said he decided at last to follow through on his pondering.

He also added that despite the timing of his announcement, one day after the presidential election, his decision was not politically charged.

“It’s not to do with the outcome of the election. It’s just that I don’t feel the desire to act”.

Kim apologized to fans and although he made no promises, said he’d come back if the time was right.

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