[News] Matsumoto Jun reveals his plan for Christmas at “Lucky Seven” pre-screening event.

[News] Matsumoto Jun reveals his plan for Christmas at “Lucky Seven” pre-screening event.
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On December 19, Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun made an appearance on the pre-screening event for Fuji TV’s upcoming special drama “Lucky Seven Special.”

This is a special drama of “Lucky Seven” that aired from January to March of this year on the ‘Getsu 9′ time slot. It received an average audience rating of 15.6% (in Kanto region according to Video Research). Reportedly, there will be some furious action scenes just like the drama series, and Matsumoto commented about this saying, “It was hard. I’m not that strong, you know.

Regarding a reunion with other cast members, Matsumoto said, “We were talking at the closing party that it would be great if we could get together again, but I never expected it to be this soon.” He also revealed that there was a new discovery during the filming about his co-star Matsushima Nanako who played as his boss in the drama. He said, “Unexpectedly, Matsushima-san has a sweet tooth. Though she has the cool and ‘iron lady’ image, I saw her eating quite big Baumkuchen.

As reported earlier, adding to the regular cast members, actress Ishihara Satomi will also appear in the special drama as an enchantress. This will be the first time in about 10 years for Matsumoto and Ishihara to co-star with each other since they last appeared in the TBS drama “Kimi wa Pet” back in 2003. Matsumoto also made a comment about Ishihara, “She has arrived at womanhood. She is an actress with impressive eyes.

When asked about his plans for Christmas, he said, “I will be honest.” that caused a silence among audience, and continued, “I have to work! Starting at 9 in the morning. I’m being honest for my night schedule as well. I will work until 7:30, and then will attend a dinner meeting starting at 8.

“Lucky Seven Special” will air on January 3rd at 9:00 pm on Fuji TV.

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