[Photo & News] Hyun Bin says, “I wanted to act so much”.

[Photo & News] Hyun Bin says, “I wanted to act o much”.
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Actor Hyun Bin shed tears talking about his strong desire to act.

On December 6, Hyun Bin was discharged from the military service. He reported his discharge in a loud voice and talked about his thoughts.

Hyun Bin said, “I really appreciate all the fans and the reporters for coming to see me in spite of the snowy weather. 21 months ago, I promised that I would come out as a stronger person. I think I’ve kept that promise because I feel that I’ve become stronger and more confident, serving in the Marine Corps. I was really thankful for your support and interest before I started doing my military service. Many people have supported and encouraged me even during the military service.”

Hyun Bin also shed tears saying, “I wanted to act so much.” He made his fans sad and worried by not being able to speak for a while.

He said, “I thought so when I was watching other actors acting when I was on furlough because I couldn’t be part of it. I can now, so I want to prepare a lot before I actually start acting again. I’ve saved all the energy I’ve received from you, and I’ll return it to you soon.”

Hyun Bin joined the Marine Corps. on March 7 in 2011 and did his military service for 21 months. He received a lot of attention by voluntarily joining the Marine Corps. instead of the army at the time.

Hyun Bin said hello to his fans and gave an interview to some reporters for ten minutes and left the place to spend time with his family.

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