[News] Cyndi Wang and Yuan Hao are back together.

[News] Cyndi Wang and Yuan Hao are back together.
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4 Jan – It was reported that Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang and actor Yao Yuan Hao have rekindled their romance.

As reported in Asianpopnews, recently, tabloids have been publishing pictures of Cyndi and Yuan Hao celebrating New Year's Eve together with friends at Cyndi's apartment, and spotted the actor visiting her place a few times prior.

It was rumoured that the 31-year-old, who had free access to Cyndi's apartment used his friend's bike as a smokescreen to enter the residence.

Although the couple initially denied the reconciliation, Yuan Hao changed his statement after seeing the published photos, and replied through his manager, "We just started dating. We bumped into each other at a friend's gathering in early December and our relationship naturally developed."

In 2012, Cyndi was embroiled in a love triangle between Yuan Hao and his eight-year girlfriend Sonia Sui where she was accused to be the cause of their breakup. The singer then held a press conference admitting their brief relationship, but expressed that she would never get back with Yuan Hao again.

Meanwhile, Cyndi Wang has yet to make any clarification regarding their reconciliation.

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