[News] "Gold, Appear!" Lee Jong-hyuk and Lee Ji-ah.

[News] "Gold, Appear!" Lee Jong-hyuk and Lee Ji-ah.
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Official statements of Lee Jong-hyuk and Lee Ji-ah were released by GNG Productions, the company responsible for the upcoming MBC drama "Gold, Appear!".

According to GNG, Lee Jong-hyuk was the first name that was mentioned in a meeting with the writers and producers of the drama. it's true that he is thinking about this matter.

He was pre-asked about being in the drama since it's being made within the company and so it wasn't an official statement.

The main role of this drama will decide the failure or success of the drama and therefore the main actress is being thought about very carefully.

The false news about the cast of the drama might've happened in the process of planning since it started last year.

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