[News] Selina Jen nervous about revealing burn scars.

[News] Selina Jen nervous about revealing burn scars.
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The S.H.E member will stop wearing a pressure garment from next year onwards.

Two years after her on-set burn accident, Taiwanese artiste Selina Jen has been given the green light by her doctor to stop wearing pressure garments for her legs from next year onwards. However, the S.H.E member expressed that she is more worried than happy because “Exposing the scars to the public is a challenge for me.”

Besides reduced symptoms of itching and dermathemia (congested skin), the medical review also showed that her surgical wounds are recovering well. The 31-year-old, who once described the skin graft on her legs as a “jigsaw puzzle”, cannot wait to stop wearing her silicone lubricants, stockings and pressure garments.

“I won’t be showing my legs all the time. I’d be wearing pants as protection [for my skin],” she said.

When asked to give an update on her baby-making plans with her husband, Selina mentioned that they intend to “let nature run its course” and shyly rejected to share more about their bedroom affairs.

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