[News] "7th Grade Civil Servant" Kim Min-seo.

[News] "7th Grade Civil Servant" Kim Min-seo.
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Kim Min-seo attempted at her first change since her debut.

MBC drama "7th Grade Civil Servant" revealed still cuts of Kim Min-seo who looks boyish and tough.

Hair cut shaggy and dyed red instead of long straight hair and wearing a leather jacket with walker boots, Kim Min-seo has gone through quite a change.

The role of Sin Seon-mi by Lee Mi-seo is a rookie agent who pretends to be strong, perfect and cold but is actually frail on the inside.

Kim Min-seo is going to change in this drama so much that other might think she isn't the same person. She is going to take off the veil she had on for so long and challenge herself to a massive change.

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