[News] Jerry Yan dedicates song to Lin Chi-ling.

[News] Jerry Yan dedicates song to Lin Chi-ling.
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4 Jan – Speculations arise that Jerry Yan's performance as a guest at Mayday's concert in Kaohsiung recently was dedicated to his ex-girlfriend, Lin Chi-ling.

According to Asianpopnews, on 30 December, Jerry Yan made a special guest appearance to support his good friend A-shin during Mayday's concert in Kaohsiung.

Before performing Mayday's Taiwanese dialect song, "Hao Bu Hao", Jerry expressed, "This song has a significant meaning to me. I wish to dedicate this song to a very important person in my heart although she is not here today".

To this, the audiences shouted out his rumoured ex-girlfriend, Lin Chi-ling's name.
A-shin immediately rushed to Jerry's rescue and said that he will allow Jerry to keep his little secret despite that everyone was dying to know the identity of the woman in question.

When asked about her thoughts on the song dedication, Lin Chi-ling responded via her manager, "Happy new year to everyone. Please do not think too much. Hope that we have a better 2013".

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