[News] TVB stars talks about filming in China.

[News] TVB stars talks about filming in China.
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TVB stars Kevin Cheng, Wayne Lai, Tavia Yeung and Myolie Wu recently flew to Beijing for the press conference of the new TVB mainland joint-venture, TVBC.

Popular Asians reported that earlier, TVB announced its formation with Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group (SMEG) to create TVBC in order to further expand their business in the mainland market. With the establishment of the joint-venture, many more TVB stars can be seen in mainland Chinese drama.

To this big opportunity, 2012 TV Queen, Tavia Yeung expressed, "Of course I want to go to mainland China. After all, the mainland market is larger, and there is a bigger variety in terms of collaborations. I was contacted to film for a mainland drama earlier, but I couldn't make it because it clashed with my other work schedule. I hope I will have chances later on."

Meanwhile, Wayne Lai, who has yet to make any dramas in mainland, stated, "I couldn't find time for it. I filmed non-stop for TVB dramas these two years. Even if the mainland companies contacted me, I didn't have time to film for them."

He also stated that he prefers staying in Hong Kong with his family, although it meant giving up opportunities of filming in mainland.

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