[News] Jun Ji Hyun Says She Had to Pretend She was Awkward in Action Scenes for ′The Berlin File′.

[News]  Jun Ji Hyun Says She Had to Pretend She was Awkward in Action Scenes for ′The Berlin File′.
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Jun Ji Hyun, who appears as the interpreter Yeon Jeong Hee in The Berlin File, said she was sad she couldn′t show off her skills in action scenes.

The showcase for the film was held on January 7 with Jun Ji Hyun, Ha Jung Woo, Ryu Seung Bum and director Ryu Seung Wan present.
There, Jun Ji Hyun said, "It′s an action film but I didn′t have much to do in action. I did have a lot in my previous piece, but this time it was hard because I had to pretend I was clumsy."

She added, "It was hard because though it was something I could do easily, I couldn′t be so skilled in filming. I was sad I couldn′t show off my action as much as I wanted."

Director Ryu Seung Wan said, "There′s a scene where she escapes with a gun in her hand, and because she held the gun so effortlessly I had to ask her to be a bit awkward with it. She′s truly ′action Ji Hyun.′"

The promotional video released this day showed the actors in hardcore action scenes across the backdrop of Berlin. The Berlin File was filmed for over three months in 2012 on locale in Berlin and Latvia.

Jun Ji Hyun said, "It wasn′t easy to take care of myself because we had so many shoots overseas. It also wasn′t easy for an actress to fit the mood because the film was so manly and coarse."

When asked who she liked better, Kim Soo Hyun of The Thieves or Ha Jung Woo of The Berlin File, in the press conference held in the morning, Jun Ji Hyun had answered "Ha Jung Woo," but at the showcase she said "it′s Kim Soo Hyun in the afternoon" to the same question.

"Life is long and there are so many pieces in store for me to settle with one man," she joked.

She said about Ha Jung Woo, "We shared some great teamwork. I was always so touched. I was able to get through because he opened up like a friend. I learned a lot from Ha Jung Woo about how to approach acting."

The Berlin File is an action film about spies in a chase with National Intelligence Service agents. It premieres on January 31.

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