[VOD & News] Lee Si-young upcoming Korean movie "Man Manual".

[VOD & News] Lee Si-young upcoming Korean movie "Man Manual".
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"Man Manual" (2013)

Directed by Lee Won-seok

With Lee Si-yeong, Oh Jeong-se, Park Yeong-gyoo, Kyeong Soo-jin, Kim Jeong-tae, Lee Won-jong,...

The secret to relationships for the nation's common women is revealed at last!

Assistant Commercial director Choi Bona does all the hard and tedious work thanks to her indecisive personality. Endless nights of overwork has caused her face to be crisp and her hair to be messy. She is one of the most common women who doesn't even remember when her last date was.

Then one day, she coincidentally ends up with a book called "Man Manual". She follows the instructions given by Dr. Swalski in the video and not only do men on the streets turn to look at her but top Hallyu star Lee Seung-jae has fallen for her.

Will she be able to start a new relationship with "Man Manual"?

Release date in Korea : 2013/02

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