[News] "My Girlfriend Is An Agent - Drama" Joo Won and Hwang Chang-seong reveal bodies.

[News] "My Girlfriend Is An Agent" Joo Won and Hwang Chang-seong reveal bodies.
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Upcoming MBC drama "My Girlfriend is an Agent" revealed still cuts of Joo Won and Hwang Chan-seong.

Joo Won is wearing a grey tuxedo and Hwang Chan-seong is wearing a black one.
Joo Won dressed himself in black pants, a grey tuxedo and a bow tie but is holding a gun. Hwang Chan-seong is dressed all in black like the typical spy. Many are anxious to see what this 2PM member will do to take over the drama with the charisma he used to take over the stage.

The other person in the picture is Son Jin-yeong who is dressed in a white tuxedo. He starred in MBC drama "Lights and Shadows" and succeeded as an actor from being a singer.

This still cut was taken last month during a shoot. Apparently Joo Won, Hwang Chan-seong and Son Jin-yeong had a fun time making the scene like brothers.

MBC drama "My Girlfriend is an Agent " is an action romance drama about agents that lie about everything but love. To be aired on the 23rd of January at 9:55PM.

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