[News] Choi Si-won hands over the baton to Jung Yun-ho.

[News] Choi Si-won hands over the baton to Jung Yun-ho.
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Choi Si-won and Jung Yun-ho are changing roles.

SBS "Night King " is taking over the place of "The King of Dramas". One common factor between these dramas is that both Choi Si-won and Jung Yun-ho are from the same SM Entertainment.

Super Junior Choi Si-won unveiled himself from the existing image and became a comical character. The over reactive body gestures and expressions made it hard to bring up the serious character of Choi Si-won. He's been valued as a success in this drama and since it's over now, Choi Si-won is going to focus on the Super Junior-M album.

U-Know from TVfXQ is taking Choi's place. Also known as Jung Yoon-ho, Jung Yun-ho is starring in a drama for the first time since his last one. He stars as Baek Do-hoon who craves for Soo-ae's love in "Night King ". Baek Do-hoon is an ice hockey athlete who shows undying love for Joo Da-hye (Soo-ae). He fits the younger-lover role and the charisma he's shown on stage should reflect in the drama as well.

Meanwhile, "Night King " is about a woman who wants to overcome poverty and become the first lady and a man who gives his all to this woman. Kwon Sang-woo, Soo-ae, Jung Yun-ho, Kim Seong-ryung, Ko Joon-hee and others are the current casts.

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