[News] Park Shin Hye talks about her new TV series 'Flower Boy Next Door'.

[News] Park Shin Hye talks about her new TV series 'Flower Boy Next Door'.
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Park Shin Hye recently talked about her new TV series Flower Boy Next Door.
Park released pictures that she took on the set for tvN series Flower Boy Next Door, which will star airing on January 7, with the comment, “I thought I could play the character because I am what I am right now. I’m enjoying the shooting the series everyday and I’m so excited to see the first episode on TV.”

She added, “I like the character Go Dok Mi, who is not like all the other characters in romantic comedies. I hope people who watch the series become closer and friendly with their neighbors.”

In the pictures, Park is sitting in her room all by herself. Since she is always alone and doesn’t have many friends, Park dressed up in simple casual clothes.

Park’s agency, 4HIM Entertainment, said, “We think that the series will make Park show off her appeals as a unique actress.”

The series is about Go Dok Mi, who doesn’t want to go out into the world because of her painful past. She watches a man living next door and gets caught by Henrique Geum (played by Yoon Si Yoon).

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