[News] Oh Jung Se Calls Park Yoo Chun His Wife Because They′re So Close.

[News] Oh Jung Se Calls Park Yoo Chun His Wife Because They′re So Close.
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Park Yoo Chun and Oh Jung Se of I Miss You love(?) each other so much they say they burst out laughing every time their eyes meet.

On January 6, Park Yoo Chun said in an interview with a Japanese outlet, "I can definitely say that I′m the perfect match with Oh Jung Se sunbae (senior). I like him so much that even when I just look at him I burst out laughing and when our eyes meet we can tell what the other is thinking."

He added, "I make the most mistakes when I′m shooting with him, and they′re all made because I just start to laugh. It′s so much fun to say our lines and act together. His acting is great and he′s a great guy; I have so much to learn from him."

He also said, "Since he takes such good care of me, acting with him and saying our lines is as fun as it would be if we were shooting a buddy movie. These days he even calls me his ′wife′ when we exchange personal messages."

Oh Jung Se also said about Park Yoo Chun in return in an interview, "He′s like an old friend and a little brother to me. It′s like we′re acting in a piece together after being friends for over 10 years. We′re not that different from when we′re in front of the camera or not. He′s a great actor, but he′s also modest and very polite."

The 18th episode of MBC′s I Miss You will air on January 9.

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