[News] Rain and Kim Tae Hee dating?

[News] Rain and Kim Tae Hee dating?
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According to a new article from Dispatch, Rain and Kim Tae Hee are dating!
The couple have been dating for 3 months. Even after Rain enlisted in March, the pair kept in frequent contact, and started to officially date in September.

Rain had actively asked her out to go and what began as friends, has now apparently blossomed into a loving relationship.

They met at least once a week, and usually met on Sunday’s. Rain would drive Kim Tae Hee’s car and drive her home, and then take a taxi back to his house.

The couple also spent Christmas together because Rain had a break from the army. A representative from the army said, “Celebrity recruits have many breaks. They can get many breaks. Rain has radio, so he has been allowed to go out often.

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