[News] Why Han Suk Gyu Never Gives Interviews or Appears in Variety.

[News] Why Han Suk Gyu Never Gives Interviews or Appears in Variety. 
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Han Suk Gyu appeared before the press for the first time in a long time. He managed to make it to the media day event for his film The Berlin File held at a pub in Seoul on January 21.

His appearance was even more surprising as Han Suk Gyu is known as a star who usually doesn′t speak at interviews. He appears at press conferences, previews or other official events; rarely does he attend media day events or interviews.

"This is my first time at a media day event," he said that day.

He then added, "It feels awkward because it′s my first time here."

On the reason he doesn′t give any interviews, he joked, "It′s because I become more serious as I talk."

It was just as he said. The subject matter became more serious than it was before whenever he started talking at long lengths. While Ha Jung Woo and Ryu Seung Bum spoke of The Berlin File brightly, Han Suk Gyu continued to delve deep into the serious issues surrounding the film. At one point he even started to talk about his thoughts on camera tracking and the attitude he thought he should harness as an actor.

Whenever he put on his serious face, he would say with a laugh, "See, I′ve become all serious again."

Other than that, however, Han Suk Gyu had more reasons for never even talking in the interviews for behind-the-scenes videos released with the films.

"It′s natural for an actor to work hard during his shoots," he said. "But it felt embarrassing to talk about the film, because it felt like I was praising myself. That′s why I never [talked in such interviews]."

Of course he would never appear in variety shows with such a mindset.

The actor said, "Actors show themselves through their acting on the screen. It felt awkward for me to talk about my life outside of that."

Han Suk Gyu will appear as the National Intelligence Service agent Jung Jin Soo in the film, which will premiere on January 31.

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