[News] Are Roy Qiu and Lee Yu Fen dating?

[News] Are Roy Qiu and Lee Yu Fen dating?
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Taiwanese artiste Lee Yu Fen reportedly went to Shenzhen to visit Taiwanese actor Roy Qiu during his filming.

Taiwanese actor Roy Qiu reportedly went on a secret date with Taiwanese artiste Lee Yu Fen in Shenzhen behind his girlfriend Tiffany Tang’s back recently.

Although Roy and his Chinese actress girlfriend have not publicly admitted that they are dating, the couple’s relationship is an open secret in the industry.

According to the Chinese media, Yu Fen visited Roy who is currently filming his upcoming drama Scent of Beauty in Shenzhen last Friday. Close interactions were observed between the pair as they fed each other tidbits in Roy’s car after leaving the film site together.

Roy then drove Yu Fen out for dinner that night and they were last seen entering a nightclub at 10pm.

Sources revealed that Roy and Yu Fen have been keeping in close contact since acting as a couple in their previous drama Office Girls two years ago.

When asked to confirm the dating rumours, both of them confirmed that Yu Fen had visited Roy during his filming. But they clarified, “We are just friends and we are definitely not dating.”

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