[News] Chrissie Chau and Show Luo are Dating?

[News] Chrissie Chau and Show Luo are Dating?
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After announcing her breakup with boyfriend of six years, Avis Chan (陳偉成), earlier last month, Chrissie’s now vacant love life has become a topic of interest for the Hong Kong paparazzi. Currently busy on a promotion tour with Stephen Chow (周星馳) for his new film, Journey to the West < 西游·降魔篇>, Chrissie insists that her career is currently her top priority. As for love, Chrissie will allow it to naturally take its course in her life.

But it appears that Chrissie is naturally gifted when it comes to love! The Hong Kong paparazzi recently discovered that Chrissie and her costar, Taiwanese singer-actor Show Lo (羅志祥), were getting quite cozy with each other on the set of Journey to the West. Show and Chrissie are billed as guest stars, appearing in no more than three scenes in the film.

Show and Chrissie individually professed to the media that filming for Journey to the West had been a fun experience. On January 28, 2013, in the midst of Journey to the West’s promotional tour, Show wrote on his Weibo, “Time flies by so fast when you are working with someone you like!” Putting the bad breakup experience behind her, Chrissie also exclaimed that she has had a great time in doing promotions for the film.

Weibo “Unfollowers”

Dating rumors of Show and Chrissie came about when a snapshot of Chrissie visiting Show at the backstage of his Hong Kong concert surfaced online. As neither Show nor Chrissie follow each other on Weibo, the photo immediately sparked the interest of netizens and the paparazzi. It is speculated that Show and Chrissie are attempting to keep their relationship low-profile by not acknowledging each other on the social media site.

A source revealed, “Show likes making cold jokes, and Chrissie is easy to please. They grew pretty close on the set [of Journey to the West]. It was then when Show realized that Chrissie had been unhappy about her breakup for a while.”

Romantic rumors further fueled when several witnesses claimed that they saw Chrissie at Show’s Hong Kong Coliseum concert in late January. Hours later, Chrissie was spotted arriving in the lobby of Hotel ICON, the hotel Show was staying at. A hotel staff member said, “I saw her (Chrissie) coming in the lobby in the middle of night. She was tall, very skinny, had long hair, and wasn’t wearing a mask, so she was easily recognizable. She was also walking really fast, as if she didn’t want people to see her. I only took a brief glance, but I am positive that the girl was her.”

Ambiguous Response

Chrissie happily talked about her filming experience of Journey to the West in a phone interview yesterday. The newly single 27-year-old actress also discussed her basic boyfriend requirements, exclaiming, “Of course he must be good-looking!” Chrissie laughed. “I hope my next one will broaden my perspectives and love me with all his heart.”

When the interviewer mentioned Show, Chrissie softly said, “He is very amusing! He makes the people around him very happy, and he is also very hard working!” Asked if Show would make the ideal boyfriend for her, she said, “Everyone is a possibility. I welcome all pursuers!”

Chrissie began to stammer when the interviewer asked if she had attended Show’s Hong Kong Coliseum concert in January. “One of my colleagues wanted to go,” Chrissie replied. “We did take a picture together, but that is normal.” When mentioned that Chrissie was seen in Hotel ICON, Chrissie quickly said, “I went to visit a friend.” She then excused herself and terminated the interview.

Later at a promotional event for her new pictorial, Chrissie explained that she did not know Show was staying at Hotel ICON when she had dropped by the hotel. Chrissie urged Show’s fans to not worry, as she is also his fan.

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