[News] “Season of Love”: Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma’s Winter Love.

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[News]  “Season of Love”: Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma’s Winter Love.
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TVB drama, Season of Love <戀愛季節> is currently airing, featuring popular stars such as Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Ron Ng (吳卓羲) in individual love stories.

The most anticipated love story in the series is between Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明), who reunite onscreen after a 7-year gap since last filming To Grow With Love <肥田囍事>. What sparks lie ahead for Myolie and Kenneth’s winter romance?

“Chapter of Winter” will be Season of Love’s last segment. Starring Myolie Wu as Tung Nei and Kenneth Ma as Joe, “Chapter of Winter” will feature a story of lost love. Tung Nei asks Joe to help her piece together a lost memory of a previous boyfriend. During the process, Joe and Tung Nei begin to develop feelings for each other, but Tung Nei does not seem to be able to accept a new relationship just yet.

Myolie’s Clear Love Perspective

Regarding her character’s inability to put behind her love past, Myolie said she is more pragmatic in real life. She said she will consider many factors, adding that sometimes she must see things with the mind rather than the heart. “I hope I can think with clarity when it comes to love and to be able to handle things through completion.”

Breaking up with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) last year, Myolie has gained a fresh start in life. “I’m quite happy being single. I feel very free and there is not much bothering me. I can focus on my work.”

Although Myolie admitted that she has a new pursuer, the man remains a friend and has not ascended to boyfriend status yet. She will be careful in selecting her partner and not date for the sake of companionship. Myolie revealed her requirements in finding a boyfriend, “My requirements are very basic: loyal in love, mature, and a more innocent type of man. The most important is that we are compatible. It doesn’t involve our work, nor the other person’s financial status. Dating only requires love. If we love each other, then there’s no need to think too much.”

Myolie enjoyed filming Season of Love, expressing that she enjoys doing serials that are fast-paced and straight to the point, bringing a tint of freshness to everyday Hong Kong dramas. “I think these romance dramas are pretty good. Each pair gets only five episodes, so the workload wouldn’t be too heavy. In a standard 20-episode drama, many side plots have to be added to support the format. This time, the story is only focused on Kenneth and I, so there aren’t too many other things to worry about. I think the company should produce more dramas like this!”

Kenneth is Willing to Wait for Love

Kenneth admitted that his prospects in love is quite similar to his character, Joe. In Season of Love, Joe is willing to wait for Tung Nei to accept his love, although Tung Nei herself is not ready to fall for another man yet.

Kenneth explained that he too would be like Joe, and willing to wait patiently for the girl of his dreams to come to him. “If the girl is not ready [for me], I will be willing to wait for her. However, I will not hold onto my past relationships stubbornly. I still keep in touch with my ex-girlfriend, and we are friends. Also, my first girlfriend is already married now, and we also still keep in touch. I am truly, very happy that she is able to find someone who can treat her better than I did.”

Although he is branded as a Diamond Bachelor by the press, Kenneth disagrees. This title doesn’t mean that there are many girls interested in me. I’m not an ideal boyfriend.” Kenneth added that he is not a very engaging boyfriend. “This is my weakness. Girls love guys that are exciting with many surprises. I do not pass; I hope that girls don’t mind that I am boring.”

Although Kenneth is known to have fallen for beautiful girls in the past, he does not rate beauty as a top priority anymore. “In the past, I liked girls with large eyes and high noses. If two people are not compatible, then it doesn’t matter how pretty she is.”

Kenneth believed that a couple would be able to remain together in the long-term only if they share the same values and vision in the relationship.

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