[News] Jang Nara Becomes Cute for Her New Role in a Chinese Drama.

[News] Jang Nara Becomes Cute for Her New Role in a Chinese Drama. 
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Jang Nara released for the first time photos from her shoot for the Chinese drama Red Palanquin.

After the conclusion of the KBS2 drama School 2013, Jang Nara left for China to start shooting her Chinese drama.

The drama will be 30 episodes long, and will be set in the Qing Dynasty of 1910. Jang Nara′s role Riti is the daughter of a second wife, and was born with hands that have six digits.

She was always shunned by her family, but after being given the household business to run, she becomes a great success after overcoming many difficulties.

Jang Nara started shooting for her role on February 3 at an outdoor set south of Hangzhou. She appeared in a light blue chinese dress and a short bob, a look completely different from the one she had donned for School 2013.

The actress had chosen the style herself in order to express Riti′s bright nature, and even brought in a wig from Korea that would fit her. Despite the cold weather, she continued filming with a bright mood.

A rep from her agency Narajjang.com said, "Jang Nara will be transforming into Riti, who will try to overcome her difficulties in Red Palanquin. As everything on set is taking place swiftly, we believe we′ll be able to return to Korea earlier than we thought. She′ll work hard to meet her fans in Korea soon, as she′s looking through new pieces."

Red Palanquin will start airing in the first half of 2014.

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