[News] Kim Woo Bin: “I was in the top 5 of the whole school”.

[News] Kim Woo Bin: “I was in the top 5 of the whole school”.
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Kim Woo Bin recently talked about his school life.

Kim, who previously appeared on the TV series School 2013, took a pictorial for the magazine @star1 with actor Lee Jong Seok.

During the interview, Kim surprised people by saying, “I was in the top 5 of the whole school when I was a freshman in my middle school. But I wanted to become a model and started studying to make my dreams come true.”

Kim also talked about how hard he tried to become a model. “I went to the gym and I corrected my pose for hours at home. I also went to jazz dance and ballet academies. When I was a high school student, I always carried supplements, chicken breast, sweet potatoes, and bananas.”

The March issue of the magazine reports on Kim and Lee talking about their behind the scenes experiences on the series and their lives as actors. It will be published on February 21.

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