[News] Park Si Hoo Named Most Successful Star Following Name Change.

[News] Park Si Hoo Named Most Successful Star Following Name Change. 
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Park Si Hoo was voted number one on the ‘Hit Success’ list of the stars, who’ve gone through name changes.

On February 4, MBC Music ‘Ranking Reconstitution’ revealed the chart for Top 10 Stars who were major successes after they changed their names.

First place on top of the list went to Park Si Hoo who debuted with his birth name, Park Pyung Ho - rather an unlikely match for his prince-like appearance.

After a decade-long dry season as an actor, Park Si Hoo changed his name and immediately was cast in lead role after lead role.

Second place went to Kim Nam Gil, who started out with his original name but once changed to Lee Han. After not much success, he took on the advice of the director Kang Woo Seok and returned to using his birth name.

Although his name changed twice, Kim Nam Gil’s success as an actor is undeniable.

Ji Sung was crowned third place for becoming successful after changing his name from Kwak Tae Geun and losing a significant amount of weight, and fourth place was given to none other than Gong Yoo, who took one vowel and consonant from each of his parents’ last names instead of using his real name, Gong Ji Chul.

Amongst the dominating actors on the list, musician Psy placed fifth. Psy faced many failures while knocking on doors of music industry as Park Jae Sang. But since his name change to Psy, he’s become a world star as a rapper-song writer.

Others on the list included Lee Min Ho (from Lee Min), Hwang Woo Seul Hye (from Hwang Jin Hee) and Kim Woo Bin (from Kim Hyun Joong).

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