[News] Heroins of 'School 2013' reunited.

[News] Heroins of 'School 2013' reunited.
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Actors of 'School 2013' reunited.

On February 27th, actor Lee Yi Kyung uploaded a photo on his Twitter and wrote "'School 2013' team reunited at the KBS Hall.

In the photo, Lee Yi Kyung, Han young Woo, Lee Jung Gwi, Lee Ji Hoon, and Kim Young Chun, who casted in KBS 2TV drama 'School 2013' together, are posing for a photo together.

Even thought it's been over a month since the drama finished, the actors are still closely keeping in touch with each other, and many fans are showing great interests in their friendship.

On the other hand, netizens who viewed the photo made comments, such as "Long time no see", "Great to see them", "They still look like the best friends", and "Where are Nam Soon and Hong Soo?"

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