[News] How does Doojoon feel about his acting in ‘IRIS 2′?


[News] How does Doojoon feel about his acting in ‘IRIS 2′?
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B2ST‘s Doojoon revealed how he felt about his acting as he watched himself star on the highly hyped drama, ‘IRIS 2‘.

For anyone who hasn’t kept up, Doojoon’s currently active in the action drama as one of the leading characters. His character Seo Hyun Woo is a friendly, hardworking agent, who is good at pretty much everything.

On the 3rd, KBS 2TV‘s ‘3-Day Documentary‘ went behind the scenes with the drama. Since this particular show was filmed right after the first episode aired for ‘IRIS 2′, Doojoon was asked, “Did you watch the first episode yesterday? How was it?“. Doojoon answered, “I watched it in the perspective of a viewer for the first time in a while, and it was fun. I knew everything that was going to happen, but it was fun to watch anyways.

He was then asked, “What do you think about your acting?“, a question that is often asked to idol-turned-actors who are trying their hands at a field outside of their expertise.

Doojoon smiled sheepishly and humbly said, “I think it’s embarrassing.” However, seeing that as Doojoon has been receiving compliments so far about the natural-feel of his acting, it doesn’t seem like he should be too worried!
What are your thoughts? Does Doojoon have a career as a full-time actor down the road?

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