[News] Im Soo Jung Narrates for a Barrier-Free Version of ′Touch of the Light′.

[News] Im Soo Jung Narrates for a Barrier-Free Version of ′Touch of the Light′.
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Im Soo Jung poured in her efforts for the visually and hearing impaired.

On March 4, Key East announced that Im Soo Jung had participated in narrating a film′s barrier-free version. A barrier-free version of a film employs narrations that explain what is happening on the screen. Punch, Late Blossom, Blind, Leafie and The Crucible all had barrier-free versions produced, thus garnering much support from those in need.
Im Soo Jung narrated in her mellow voice for Touch of the Light, a film based on a true story about the talented blind pianist Yu-Siang Huang.

Her narration, as well as the directing of A Werewolf Boy′s director Jo Sung Hee is expected to help the new version touch audiences even more than the original.

Im Soo Jung said, "It wasn′t an easy job because I had to express the color of the original, and help the audience enjoy the film as if they were actually watching the movie. Still, it was a meaningful bit of work that felt great to participate in."

"I hope that through this opportunity, barrier-free version films will become more well known among not only those who are visually and hearing impaired, but also those who aren′t," she added. "I wish to see more interest and attention be paid to the production of barrier-free films."

The barrier-free version of Touch of the Light will premiere on March 14.

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