[News] IU Says Her Strength is in Her Lack of Beauty.

[News] IU Says Her Strength is in Her Lack of Beauty.
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IU said her strength is in her beauty, or, as she says, her lack thereof.

The press conference for You′re the Best Lee Soon Shin was held on March 4. IU, Ko Doo Sim, Lee Mi Sook, Jo Jeong Seok, Son Tae Young, Yoo In Na and other members of the cast were present to talk about the drama.

When asked what strengths she would have to show in the drama, IU answered with a laugh, "Other actresses look pretty even when they′re not supposed to. I′m confident I′ll be able to not look pretty in such situations, since I′m actually not pretty."

IU will appear as the lead Lee Soon Shin, the youngest member of a successful family. Despite her family′s successes, however, she seems to have failed to inherit any talent, and is marked as an oddball. She then meets the head of an agency, named Shin Joon Ho (Jo Jeong Seok), and he turns her life around.

"I′m most confident that I can look as shabby and pathetic as Soon Shin is supposed to look without any need for special effects," she said to applause from her cast.

Ko Doo Sim joked, "It was the first time I saw IU, and I found she has friendly looks. She didn′t look out of place on set."

IU introduced her role as "a girl born a loser with no looks, abilities or traits," and said, "I believe my being cast for You′re the Best Lee Soon Shin is a chance given to me by the heavens. I′ll work hard."

You′re the Best Lee Soon Shin is about a mother and daughter who get caught up in unexpected trouble following the death of the father. It will air its first episode on March 9.

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