[News] Joo Won Sings for ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’ OST.

[News] Joo Won Sings for ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’ OST.
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With a musical background behind him, Joo Won decided to lend his voice to the OST of his current drama, MBC’s 7th Grade Civil Servant.
On February 22, Joo Won headed into a studio in Gangnam to record the new song. Conversing with producer, Lee Ju Ho, Joo Won was said to be very careful with the recording process, receiving much praise from the staff.

“We knew he sang well,” said the staff. “But after actually working with him, we believe that Joo Woon′s skills could pass for those of a singer.”

Joo Won sang AshGray’s Because I Don’t Know How to Love, which was originally included in7th Grade Civil Servant OST Part 4..

“AshGray’s original song itself is hard, so despite the difficulties, I tried hard to sing it with a different style,” said Joo Won. “I hope a good song comes out from this.”

The song is expected to be released in the coming days. 

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