[News] Kwon Sang Woo reveals his skin care secrets.

[News] Kwon Sang Woo reveals his skin care secrets.
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Kwon Sang Woo revealed his secret to keeping perfect skin!

His perfect, clear skin has always been the source of jealousy of many female stars. Even though the actor is nearing 40, his skin remains forever young. His ‘Queen of Ambition‘ co-star Soo Ae complained, “Oppa, stop taking care of your skin.

Another co-star Kim Sung Ryung also added, “If a man’s skin glows that much, [what do you expect women to do]? You should come out without even washing your face.” Co-star Go Jun Hee said, “It’s true that Sang Woo oppa’s skin is so clear even women get jealous. If men are too serious about their skin care, it can make women look bad.

Kwon Sang Woo joked in response, “Should I put on makeup that gives me acne before I get on camera?” He chose not smoking and controlling his drinking as the #1 secret to keeping his skin perfect. He also mentioned that constant exercise helps, saying, “I try to keep the balance in my body through weight training and jogging, but that helps not just my body, but also my skin.

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