[News] Lee Seung Gi Shares Thoughts on Working with Suzy.

[News] Lee Seung Gi Shares Thoughts on Working with Suzy.
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Actor Lee Seung Gi reveals what is like to work in historical drama.
The actor recently conducted an interview, and revealed what is like to work with Suzy, and what has he been doing to prepare for his role in his first historical drama, MBC's "Gu Family Book."

He started by commenting on his initials thoughts about this kind of dramas, he said, “I was worried about doing a historical drama, because there are some limitations like your the way you hair should be and the kind of clothing you use. Thankfully, the staff is doing a great job, and I can see and meet Choi Kang Chi.”

He also revealed what he did to prepare himself to fully embrace Choi Kang Hee, “As soon as I accepted the role, I enrolled in action school to learn the basics, I also started horseback riding lessons, and I also lost 6 pounds to fit the role.”

About his co-start he commented, “This is the first time I have to work with some that is younger than me. I think her cheerful attitude is refreshing. Her freshness attracts and she has been a great source of energy for the staff.”

The actor and Suzy will act as Choi Kang Hee, a half-man, half-nine tailed fox, who wants to become a complete human, and Dam Yeo Wool, the youngest martial arts master in town.

"Gu Family Book" will start airing on April 8th, at 10PM (KST).

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