[News] Won Bin Embraces his AWOO Doll for UNICEF.

[News] Won Bin Embraces his AWOO Doll for UNICEF.
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As a special representative of the Korean Committee for UNICEF, Won Bin participated in the AWOO campaign, making a couple on his own.
In 2007, UNICEF created the AWOO Doll Campaign, where people can ‘adopt’ an AWOO doll by purchasing a 30,000 won doll making kit or an already made doll. The money is then used to provide children with six different types of immunization shots and other needed items.

On March 28, the Korean Committee for UNICEF released new advertisement for the campaign, featuring Won Bin as the model, as he proudly held his own AWOO Doll, which he named Jose.  

Along with Won Bin, other stars, such as Kim Rae Won, Lee Min Ho, Song Ho Young, Lee Kwang Soo, After School’s Lizzy and Uee, U-Kiss, Sung Joon, Super Junior’s Donghae, and more have made an AWOO doll.

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