[News] "Level 7 Civil Servant" Last Words from the Cast and Crew.

[News] "Level 7 Civil Servant" Last Words from the Cast and Crew.
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The cast and crew of the MBC drama "Level 7 Civil Servant" revealed their thoughts about having to say goodbye to the viewers.

Few days ago, Choi Kang Hee updated her social networking site stating, "Seo Won just completed filming the last scene with Do Ha. Makes me feel so bad, leaving him with such scars. It makes me want to cry. Chan Sung..." Choi Kang Hee portrayed the character Kim Seo Won in the drama "Level 7 Civil Servant".

Hwang Chan Sung replied, "Seo Won, I'm very sorry until the end. I can't believe it. I had a bad feeling when I was confessing my love" via his social networking site.

Actor Joo Won, who played Kim Seo Won's boyfriend showed jealousy by stating, "You're saying you confessed your love to Seo Won?!"

Even though Joo Won and Hwang Chan Sung are only rivals in the drama, they joked around about their characters' situation.

In a recent interview, Hwang Chan Sung revealed, "Even though Joo Won and I are very nasty to each other in the drama, when we hear the words 'cut', we're always laughing together."

The MBC drama "Level 7 Civil Servant" broadcasted the finale on March 28.

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