[News] Ming Dao’s driving license misused as loan guarantor.

Ming Dao

[News] Ming Dao’s driving license misused as loan guarantor.
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The Taiwanese artiste’s brother used his driving license as a guarantor for a S$160,000 loan.

Taiwanese artiste Ming Dao’s driving license was misused as a loan guarantor by his brother, with debts of up to NT$6.5 million (approximately S$270000) chalked up now.

According to the Taiwan media, the debtor of Ming Dao’s brother revealed that the latter took  his brother’s driving license and the whole family’s resident cards and cited them as his guarantors for a NT$4 million (about S$160,000) loan, without his family’s knowledge.

He also promised the debtor that his brother Ming Dao would definitely help him clear the debts as soon as he is discharged from the army, if he cannot settle the debt himself.

However, Ming Dao’s brother started to avoid the debtor, and even called the police when the debtor went to his house to look for him. An arcade owner also claimed that Ming Dao’s brother borrowed money from him a few times and has yet to return him the money.

When reporters tried to reach out to Ming Dao when he ended his military service last month, his management company said that their artiste is is “unclear about the situation” and he can only find out what exactly happened after he returns to Taiwan.
His management company also added that they hope Ming Dao’s brother will take responsibility and face the matter himself.

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