[News] Revenge Drama 'Shark' Courting Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin for the Leads.

[News] Revenge Drama 'Shark' Courting Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin for the Leads.
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KBS revenge drama Shark is after both Kim Nam-gil and Son Ye-jin to headline.

Kim Nam Gil has been out of the army for many months now and has been relatively low key as he returns to his entertainment career. He has filmed a movie since returning but when he left for the army he was experiencing a newfounded success because of two back-to-back dramas 'Queen Seon Deok' and 'Bad Guy' so it’s not surprising that his fans are clamoring for him to return to the small screen. There was a rumor that he was offered the lead role in period drama 'Sword and Flower' but that never panned out.

Now comes the first report that he is being courted and is seriously considering the leading role in the upcoming revenge thriller Shark, the third and final drama in the so-called Revenge Trilogy from the supremely talented PD-writing team that created two of my favorite K-dramas of all time.

It’s the latest project from the writer-director team behind Fermentation Family, Mawang (Devil), Resurrection, and ’90s series School. Shark will be the final installment of the Resurrection/Devil trilogy. 'Resurrection' (also known as Rebirth or Revenge) is permanently on my top-10 list while Mawang (The Devil) might even be a better drama than 'Resurrection'.There’s very little info on the drama itself, but if it’s anything like Resurrection or Devil, there will be murder and mayhem, psychological twistiness, and lots of revenge.

Both starred Uhm Tae Woong (he was paired with Han Ji Min in Resurrection and later with Shin Mina in Mawang). The dramas aren’t connected but are instead unique and fascinating stories that share the same “revenge” theme. The first two have been decidedly male-driven pieces where the ladies have played necessary accessories to advance the story, but 'Shark' might find more use for its female lead since rumors have them courting Son Ye Jin. 

Kim Nam-gil and Son Ye-jin’s reps confirm that it’s a drama they’re looking at, but say that it’s just one of many potential projects. 'Shark' is looking at a late-May or early-June premiere on KBS 2TV.

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