[News] Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu were Primary School Classmates.

[News] Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu were Primary School Classmates.
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Replacing Moses Chan (陳豪)’s role in upcoming grand production, Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>, Edwin Siu (蕭 正楠) has successfully jumped up to the ranks as a TVB male lead.

The 36-year-old actor will be starring alongside big names like Louise Lee (李司棋) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) in the cross-millennium epic, and will be sharing ample screen time with the drama’s other male lead, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬).

Last week, Sudden Weekly magazine alleged that Edwin and Ruco did not get along very well on set due to the competition for screen time in Brother’s Keeper. The costars’ competitive nature with each other had in fact been around since their primary school days, when they attended SKH St. Clement Primary School together during the mid-1980s. The ex-classmates were said to be especially competitive when it came to sports, in which both Edwin and Ruco were involved in the school’s table tennis team.

Soon after the report was published, Edwin thanked the magazine on his Weibo, writing, “Thanks for helping us increase our exposure rate!” Ruco then replied to Edwin’s post, and wrote, “Not only has [Sudden Weekly] helped us out with the promotions, Edwin! But also with our primary school and endorsers!”

At a special function held on March 24, Ruco denied that that he was on bad terms with Edwin. “We play brothers in the drama, so we are as close as family.” Ruco was not unhappy about the rift rumors, but was glad that the rumors came after they completed the shooting of Brother’s Keeper. “If the rumors came while we were shooting it, which would negatively impact our emotions and our acting.”

Ruco assured that he and Edwin were never competitive with each other, saying, “The reports say that Edwin and I competed against sports, but Edwin rarely plays tennis table. He likes association football a lot more.”

There was, however, one thing that Ruco wished he could compete against Edwin someday. Ruco admitted that he wished he had more stage performance offers like Edwin, who has been reportedly earning at least $300,000 HKD every month from show performances alone.

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