[News] Vanness Wu spotted vacationing with girlfriend and her father.

Vanness Wu

[News] Vanness Wu spotted vacationing with girlfriend and her father.
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The Taiwanese artiste went for a holiday trip to Hangzhou with his Singaporean girlfriend and her dad.

Vanness Wu’s Singaporean girlfriend Arissa Cheo posted photos of Vanness and her taken during a holiday trip to Hangzhou recently, showing off the couple’s bliss.

A  netizen spotted the couple sightseeing at the West Lake together with Arissa’s father on March 2 and Vanness posted a photo of the West Lake that day, confirming that he is indeed vacationing in Hangzhou.

While Vanness’ manager claimed that Vanness went to Hangzhou alone, Arissa shared a photo that shows her father together with Vanness in Hangzhou.

Vanness Wu

Arissa, the daughter of an Indonesian-Chinese business tycoon and Vanness started dating seven years ago. Their long relationship has been fraught with breakups and reconciliations.

When asked if the couple plans to tie the knot soon, Vanness said, “We will let nature take its course.” However, the 34-year-old confessed that he wants to be a father soon and wishes to have up to six children after he gets married.

In the meantime, he is busy preparing for his new album, which is slated for release in April. He also plans to take on new acting roles in the second half of the year after a long break from the drama scene.

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