[News] Yu Jun Sang Says He Thought He Would Die While Filming ′Fist of Legend′.

[News] Yu Jun Sang Says He Thought He Would Die While Filming ′Fist of Legend′. 
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Yu Jun Sang talked about how he had suffered a severe injury while filming for Fist of Legend, and how he thought at the time he was going to die.

He said at the press conference for the film held on March 8, "I injured my cruciate ligament but I had to go on filming, and tears came to my eyes at the thought."

"I fell after the shoot ended, and I got the feeling that this would be my last," he said. "I had never felt that way before. I kept breathing hard and my eyes slid out of focus. I held the hand of our martial arts director, Jung Doo Hong, and asked him to tell my two kids that I had been a proud father. Later I met him again, and I felt so embarrassed. I didn′t die in the end, but I almost did."

Director Kang Woo Seok said about Yu Jun Sang′s injury, "When we were in the emergency room I held his hand for about an hour, and he kept talking to me though I couldn′t understand what he was saying. I can′t forget how director Jung [Doo Hong] broke down and said ′I was the one who let this happen.′"

Yu Jun Sang appears in Fist of Legend as Lee Sang Hoon, the head of a department in a major firm. He used to be a charismatic man, but now would give everything for a bit of success.

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