[News] Jeong Joon, Yang Dong-geun sign with Polaris.

[News] Jeong Joon, Yang Dong-geun sign with Polaris.
Cr. - Joongang Ilbo

Actor Jeong Joon signed with Polaris Entertainment, according to local media reports yesterday, along with actor and singer Yang Dong-geun. The two are known for their tight friendship in the entertainment industry.

Yang was looking for an agency that could help him sing and act, and he evidently decided that Polaris was the right choice.

Jeong also expects to diversify his portfolio with the new management company.

"The two are known for being diligent and reliable over a long time", said an official at the agency, according to reports.

Jeong left Korea yesterday as a member of the new SBS show "The Law of Jungle". Its cast will travel around Nepal and climb the Himalayas.

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