[News] Park Shi Hoo's Case Sent To Prosecution.

[News] Park Shi Hoo's Case Sent To Prosecution.
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A recent decision by the Western Seoul Police has shocked many of actor Park Shi Hoo's fans.

On Tuesday, the police concluded that enough evidence had been gathered to prosecute the actor, who was accused of raping a young actress in his home on the night of Feb. 14.

The decision was made after examining evidence that included lie detector tests, interviews and forensic evidence.

According to a press release from the police, "After looking through statements from those involved, CCTVs, Kakao Talk messages and evaluations from the National Forensic Service, we have decided to forward the case to prosecution and charge Park Shi Hoo without detention for quasi-rape and battery."

The actor, known for his roles in "Cheongdamdong Alice" and "Prosecutor Princess," is being indicted on these charges because the victim claims she was unconscious at the time and not able to give her consent. She also alleges that she was injured during the rape.

Park maintains his innocence. According to him, they met with mutual friends at a bar, and while they did drink together, the woman was not drunk when she returned to his home, making their relations consensual.

In a statement he recently released, he said "The Western Police Department is sticking to their existing results without reflecting on important evidence we gave them."

That evidence included text messages sent by the actress, which the police press release ruled were "not important in the case."

In those text messages, the actress, known only as A, mentioned possibly asking the actor for money to settle the case.

Police representatives said they found no evidence to support an extortion attempt, and "have also discovered no objective evidence to support the suspicions of conspiracy or the existence of a mastermind."

Park's legal firm, Prume was not pleased with the way the case was handled. They issued a release saying that "The Seobu Police Agency leaked information on the investigation, and mishandled the case in its development. The investigative agency, which is supposed to hold a neutral attitude, acted like the accuser A's representative, and gave press such confidential information that would act against Mr. Park Shi Hoo. It thus stomped cruelly on the presumption of innocence every suspect has a right to."

As a result of what they perceive to be an injustice, the legal firm has filed a petition with the national police agency, as well as the Anti Corruption and Civil Rights Association. In their press release, the firm also stated that the accuser continued to change her stance during the cross-examination, so they do not believe her statements are reliable.

Police also forwarded the case of Park's friend, known only as K, to prosecution for charges of battery.

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