[VOD & News] Be Ready For “Jang Ok Jung” With The 8-minute Video Teaser.

[VOD & News] Be Ready For “Jang Ok Jung” With The 8-minute Video Teaser.
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As you may know, “Jang Ok Jung” the newest SBS historical drama starring Korea's sweetheart Kim Tae Hee, and actor Yoo Ah In will premiere next week.

The drama will talk about one of the most famous royal concubines, Jang Hui Bin. Jang Hui Bin was born as Jang Ok Jung, and she was known for her possessive love for the 19th king of Joseon, King Sukjoon. She became queen for 6 years before King Sukjoon made Queen In Hyun a queen again. She was also behind the death of Queen In Hyun, after she was heard talking to his brother and a various priestess to pray for the death of the queen. Because of this, she was sentence to death by poison.

In “Jang Ok Jung,” Kim Tae Hee will portray a Jang Ok Jung that is far from the description above. The producer of the drama, have said that he wanted to show a different Jang Ok Jung. A Jung Ok Jung that was the leader of fashion and make up in Joseon. A confident, determined and strong Jang Ok Jung that will fall in love with the king.

The video starts with Jang Ok Jung an King Sukjoon as kids, when they were friends and used to like each other. The King, at that time the Crown Prince even stole a kiss from her, but they got separated and never saw each other again.

The video then shows both of them as grown ups, and how much they have changed. Now the Crown Prince is a strong man, while Jang Ok Jung is a fashion designer. The people around them looking for power have their eyes on them, looking for the opportunity to take advantage.

"Jang Ok Jung" promises to be different, from all the other dramas and movies that talked about this same topic. Also people is expecting to see Kim Tae Hee in her best role yet. Only time will tell if the drama delivered or not.

Meanwhile, check the video bellow, and get excited for this new sageuk.

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