[News] Raymond Lam Wants to Marry Karena Ng By 2015.


[News] Raymond Lam Wants to Marry Karena Ng By 2015.
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Since announcing his dating status publicly, Raymond Lam (林峯) has been spending a copious amount of time with girlfriend, Karena Ng (吳千語). Besides enjoying each other’s company in Hong Kong, the couple has also gone on several romantic trips across the globe. A reliable source even shared that Raymond had actually proposed marriage on their trip to Okinawa!

Currently in Hengdian filming Lu Xiaofeng and Hua Manlou <陸小鳳與花滿樓>, Raymond could not concentrate well on his work, and is often on the phone, either talking or sending text messages, presumably to Karena. Since Karena has no projects at hand now, she had planned to fly over to Hengdian to accompany Raymond. Because of the H7N9 bird virus spreading in China, Raymond would rather sacrifice time spent together rather than have her visit his Hengdian filming set, which is dangerously close to Shanghai and Jiangsu where most of the flu virus cases are found.

For now, the lovers will have to be satisfied with Raymond’s occasional overnight trips back to Hong Kong. Karena said, “Raymond is afraid that I may get ill so he prefers that I do not visit him. I’m also worried for him and often reminds him to be watchful of what he eats. Meanwhile, I have prepared a lot of dry food so that he can bring them over.” Raymond has been taking safety precautions by donning a mask whenever he can.


Will Not Film for TVB Dramas This Year

Without Karena by his side, Raymond could not focus on his work and is often distracted. Instead of going through his scripts, he spent most of his time on the phone. As a result, he ended with many outtakes during filming, and exasperated the crew.

Even in scenes he was supposed to film, Raymond would reportedly push them to the body double, and make his appearances only when his face can be seen on camera.

It has also been alleged that Raymond has made it clear to TVB executive, Virigina Lok (乐易玲) that he wants to take a break after filming Lu Xiaofeng and Hua Manlou and does not want to be involved in any work, be it filming or singing, so that he can spend more time with Karena. Hence, Raymond will not be involved in any series for the second half of this year.

Plans for Marriage

A source close to Raymond revealed, “Raymond is really serious about Karena this time. He is sure Karena is the one and plans to marry her within these two years.  Actually, when they were in Okinawa, Raymond already proposed to Karena and they have even bought their rings. However, the proposal wasn’t really serious as Raymond was merely testing his chances. I believe he will seriously propose to Karena again.”

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