[News] Song Hye Kyo Thanks Fans With Picture.

[News] Song Hye Kyo Thanks Fans With Picture.
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Actress Song Hye Kyo shared a beautiful picture with fans on the day, her drama ended.
On April 4th, the actress' agency uploaded a picture of her on SNS and wrote, “Now Miss Oh Young can make eyes contact. You worked hard. I would like to thanks Oh Young and the fans who loved 'That Winter The Wind Blows' and now is time to go back to being Song Hye Kyo.”

In the picture, the actress is in a car, she is dressed as Oh Young, and showing her perfect skin. Her beautiful big eyes fulls of charisma, and her nose and jaw and hair flawless, as she shows a small smile.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “She is so beautiful.” “I really enjoyed her role of Oh Young.” “I will miss Oh Young.” “She is now a top actress.” “It was great seeing her in a new role.” “Live happily Oh Young.” and more.

The actress also showed her gratitude to the staff of the drama, and gifted them with handwritten notes, thanking them for their hard work for the past 5 months and also gifted them cosmetics products.

Meanwhile, “That Winter The Wind Blows” ended with its highest viewership ratings of 15.8%. The drama dominated the ratings every week staying in the top spot. Thankfully the public got what they asked for: a happy ending with Oh Soo and Oh Young happily together.

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