[News] Vanness Wu rumoured to marry girlfriend in July.

[News] Vanness Wu rumoured to marry girlfriend in July.
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The Taiwanese artiste reportedly plans to marry his Singaporean girlfriend Arissa Cheo on her birthday in July.

Vanness previously revealed in an interview that he wants to have six kids but worries about being “too old” to play with them by then. In order to fulfil his dream, the 34-year-old is speculated to be marrying his girlfriend Arissa Cheo on her 30th birthday (July 30) this year.


It was also said that the Taiwanese artiste has been working hard to save up for the wedding. According to the Taiwanese media, Vanness raked in NT$1.2 million (approximately S$50,000) from his recent appearance in Jiangsu TV’s High Dive: Stars in Danger program.

Reports also claimed that the singer-actor recently applied for permission to go on a short break in order to renew his American passport, but his real intention was to discuss his wedding plans there.

Vanness met Arissa, daughter of a local business tycoon, when she was featured in the music video of his song ‘My Kingdom’ in 2006. The pair reportedly broke up and reconciled several times throughout their seven-year relationship because Arissa’s father did not approve of their relationship.

However, the couple went for a vacation in China last month with Arissa’s father, dismissing rumours that he disapproved of their relationship.

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