[News] Kim Hyo-jin as one half of lesbian couple in Ashamed.

[News] Kim Hyo-jin as one half of lesbian couple in Ashamed.
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Though she plays the dreaded second lead Seo-jun in current trendy drama Mary Stayed Out All Night, Kim Hyo-jin is starring as the lead in the upcoming film Ashamed [창피해], featuring a love story between two young women.

Kim Hyo-jin plays a character who has attempted suicide, and has a fateful incident with a pickpocket, played by Kim Kkot-bi (Magic and Loss, Ghost) (her name means literally “flower rain,” hippie-style), and the two embark on a romantic journey.

The film, directed by Kim Soo-hyun (So Cute: that’s the title of a film, not a comment on the director) has already been invited abroad for the Berlin Film Festival, which is a good sign for the indie production. Kim Hyo-jin said, “I’m happy enough that we were invited to an international film festival, and excited. It doesn’t matter if we win any prizes; it’s just such a huge honor regardless.”

Interestingly, Kim has portrayed a lesbian relationship before, in last year’s The End and the Beginning, with Uhm Jung-hwa. I haven’t seen her in anything besides Mary Stayed Out All Night, but she’s doing a good job there, even if her character is nine kinds of aggravating. I like her cool, aloof vibe, with hints of a soft underbelly, although from what I can see of her career, she’s essentially playing herself in the role of Seo-jun, so there’s that. I like the idea of seeing her star in something where she has the chance to be sympathetic, and NOT a boyfriend-stealer. Hands off Mu-gyul!

Ashamed will premiere at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival, which runs from February 10-20, 2011.

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