[VOD & News] UEE shows support for Seventeen’s ‘Seventeen TV’.

[VOD & News] UEE shows support for Seventeen’s ‘Seventeen TV’.
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UEE has shown her support for her upcoming lablemate and  Pledis Entertainment‘s new group, Seventeen and the recent opening of their reality series.

She said, “Seventeen TV’ that shows everything about Pledis Entertainment’s new group, Seventeen, is coming out! The episodes open on January 7th, so make sure to come check it! I recommend the ‘Seventeen TV’, so please show it a lot of love!

Previously, Pledis Entertainment has explained, “Not all the members from ‘Seventeen TV‘ are confirmed to be final members of Seventeen. They will be going through various training and judging to be chosen as the final members. 

The group Seventeen is a team that starts with the public. The members will be chosen by monitoring the public’s response.

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